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Welcome to Online Trading AUTHORITY – Learn How to Trade for Life

Learn How to Transform Yourself into a Powerful Trader with Specific Solutions That Give You an Exact Plan of ACTION!

Online Trading AUTHORITY is a hub site for many trading systems, trading strategies and trading courses. Our goal is to educate students how to trade well so they could trade for a living and develop large net worth over time, on purpose.

If you're interested in the concept of trading for a good living even very part-time then you want to firstly join our newsletter and then start getting educated with our trading courses, strategies and systems.

We've had many successful students over time. Most successful students of ours are those took what we taught them and executed it. They were systems minded and they respected the concept system therefore they executed the system. When you get the systems mindset in combination with trading math logic then you can put yourself in a very good position to win in the markets consistently overtime.

New Trader MASTERY Programs - Learn How to Become a Super Strategy Trader Yourself - Arguably the Highest form of Trader There Is

Stock Trading MASTERS Membership

Understand that the marketplace is there to take your money and you're trying to take money out of the marketplace. The marketplace is not necessarily friendly especially to those who don't respect the marketplace and take the effort to learn how the marketplace works. If you can become friends with the marketplace and trade with the marketplace's ebbs and flows of price action then you could make a lot of money. In order to do this you'll need to get in on the " inner circle" of the marketplace of those who learn the secrets of the marketplace. And the hordes and masses who dabble in the markets, not in the "inner circle", who take no effort to learn and master understanding of how the marketplace works, who chase after excitement and entertainment from trading the marketplace instead of learning the disciplines of mastery of trading with the marketplace, hand over all their money to you.

Money in the markets is made with methodical, broader, long term perspective versus the pursuit of emotional satisfaction or emotional urgency. Moving step by step like the turtle is the fastest way to make a lot of money in the marketplace. Pick up these types of success mindset through our educational courses.

Become one of the ELITE traders who through education, practice and systematic discipline, learn to do extremely well printing with the marketplace. Join our newsletter to get started because we'll educate you on how to become a winning Trader through it.

Discover Trend Trading for a Good Living for the Solution That Many Seek But Have Not Found Yet

Many traders tend to focus on "money now" so they gravitate towards shorter and shorter term trading. Whereas the fastest money for many may indeed be the "way of the turtle" by targeting and riding different types of trends for a lot less effort and a much greater probability for profit. More Info: Trend Trading for a Living

Monthly Bars Explosive Momentum Move Strategies for Potential Big Low Time Intensive Gains. More info

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Trading Educational Programs

These are complete programs to help you achieve mastery to accomplish the goal. Coming Soon. Join Newsletter to Hear Announcement.

Discover our new "SuperStrategy" Trader program. There new breed of trader out there that has a new level of "strategic virtuosity", able to have an answer dynamically for every sort of different price action opportunity positioning themselves for mind blowing, enormous trading results. Learn how to become one of these super strategy traders today yourself. More info...

Tacky names are just more fun. Having fun in trading is an important inner game performance state that can be very profitable to have. Also being strategic can be a very smart and profitable thing to do. Another aspect of success and trading is goal setting with a specific great exciting and challenging goal. Then we take that goal and reverse engineer it. Yes reverse engineering is just the start and then getting started is the other part. We just dive into getting started on our plan then secrets of the next step are revealed. So don't be held back by the tackiness of the name. So let's seriously, strategically, step by step, pursue making your first million happen in trading. Then let's then discover how to keep what you make and grow it from there. Find out more information about this program...

For those of the more ambitious types we have a program for targeting very large quantity goals. In order to achieve a goal one must get strategic about achieving that goal. One must discover the steps, the strategies, that could help one get to one's goal. One doesn't delay and gets started knowing that they will discover more secrets by actually starting process along the way. The quantity of a billion is not accidentally obtained. One must strategize heavily towards the process. In this program we will look to address such strategic approach so you can develop your own strategies and systems that could be more fitting for the size of this goal. We will also present are strategies and systems that are at line with the magnitude of such a goal. More info here...

Gone are the days for you of "winging it" in investing. Learn how to invest in a process of a system or a strategy for strategic, specific, purposeful profit making. Discover the art, math and logic of compounding. Learn why you must develop investing habits that start today. More info...

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