Financial Independence the New Re-Focus – Get Started with System T from Options Weekly Paychecks

The new focus:  Become more independent.  2022 Shows us that relying on others can lead you into all sorts of troubles.  Learn how to master a great trading system and trade for a living. 

  • Master Options Weekly Paychecks System T for “True” or a “True” Weekly Paycheck approach to trading (the intent of the development of the system for the goal of developing a way to trade for a paycheck every week). 
  • You can use OWP System T stocks:
  • Options
  • Short term weekly options
  • You can use short Nkd options
  • You can use credit and debit spreads
  • You can use on futures and FX

Options Weekly Paychecks System T


With OWP System T we were looking at developing a system that could squeeze the markets every week to produce out a net profit paycheck, like EVERY single week, like, a dependable paycheck! That was the goal and we found the solution!

In a sense, of course all of our Options Weekly Paycheck are designed for weekly paychecks but this system pushes the issue further where as others depend more on an average weekly paycheck taking advantage of intraweek trend and swing opportunities as they arise. But with OWP System T we “force” the issue of getting that weekly paycheck!


Check out these week by week profits on “boring old Home Depot” stock.   The numbers below are week by week, a week per line.  Imagine trading at the  100 contracts for your cash flow accounts:

Let’s see that would be roughly: 

  • week 1:  $17,600. 
  • Week 2 $27,720. 
  • Week 3 $11,000. 
  • Week 4 $44,440. 
  • Week 5 $37,840.  
  • Week 6 $18,920.  
  • Week 7 $33,440.  
  • Week 8 $49,720 
  • That’s about $240,680 for 8 weeks of paychecks.   “Ain’t bad” ehh?!
  • – at 100 contracts of options > those could have been your weekly paychecks.   HD was not doing exceptionally well in price action at that time either.  And we chose HD because it’s common and boring.  But what would happen if you played a faster moving stock?!!    Wow, look out marketplace! 

Check it out! You’re going to like this system!


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