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We’ve begun a new series of strategies and systems based on weekly bars. What’s a weekly bar? Price bar based on one week!

So why are we bothering with a weekly bar when most folks have been brain fried into wanting everything now now now? Well there’s much to say about the instant push button generation. If we want to become successful and Wealthy we need to get rid of that garbage. Need to get serious minded and look at what’s real and do the things it takes to succeed.

Now a lot of folks have fallen into the concept of focusing on smaller and smaller opportunity while getting more and more involved. So people have wasted so much time on all of these bells and whistles of modern technology amongst other things that they forgot to do the things that makes for success. They have left income dwindle down while keeping their spending high. Or they simply just stop paying attention. So all the sudden they want to day trade and then it gets to shorter and shorter time frames with more frequency which creates more work making it harder and harder to net out a profit, profit and grow it.

So it’s time to get smarter again and focus on making more for working less. That’s what smart people do. Smart and successful people get money working for them or others working for them for leverage in order to become successful and retain a healthy mind state. They realized that if you try to do it on your own, one will burn out physically and emotionally which will cause failure.

Therefore we present to you the concert trading weekly bars. There is a ton of opportunity which makes trading much more easy and more profitable. When one can focus in on the trigger points that can position you into opportunities off of the price charts of high probability and high probability follow through in price so you can collect more profits, one can position themselves for better Leverage to success.

As one famous wealthy guy once said “the less I work the more money I make…”. And in a sense there is some definite logic to it as we stated earlier. Now we are not advocating laziness we’re just advocating intelligence.

Therefore start checking out are new TNT series where we focus on trading stocks and options using weekly bars or monthly bars. You can apply the same principles to other instruments as well if you like such as futures, NADEX weekly binary options, Crypto Currencies…

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