Home Run Position Trading and Cash Flow Punches Using MONTHLY Bars

So we have a new series of trading systems and strategies where we look to take advantage of the powerful opportunities offered to us by trading monthly bars.

What’s a monthly bar? It’s a price bar on a price chart based off of one month whereas that one bar contains one month of rice action.

Now in today’s world of instant push-button everything the concept of taking a broader time frame look at things seems insane. What’s really insane? I’ll tell you what’s insane: It’s getting caught up in chasing ” squirrels” at every flash of movement or as multiple squirrels create great confusion and in mobilization putting one into a position of doing nothing and accomplishing nothing. (the concept of getting Razzled and Dazzled by squirrels is a concept that you may noticed with most dogs when they see a squirrel or more in that they get so excited to go chase that squirrel and catch it that they forget everything they’re doing, all of their obedience, all of reality in fact because reality to them of the moment becomes that  squirrel. And if there are more than one squirrels they can “blow a gasket” or start chasing squirrels all over the place and accomplished nothing while the squirrels mock them from the trees…)

The way to make more money faster is to slow down!

Study the turtle Traders. Study the Market Wizards. Learn. Study Warren Buffett. Big money comes from slowing down granted you want to make big money and develop large-scale wealth.

Now if that is the case then you want to start learning about how to trade these monthly bars and our TNT based strategies and systems can help you quickly discovered some really neat secrets for exactly trading these monthly bars.

Look at the chart below and notice in the very large opportunities. If you spot the trigger points into the big opportunities on a consistent basis potential fortunes with very little work could be made.

screen shot from tradingview chart.

I mean think about it’s only one bar per month. So technically you only need to trade one bar per month or one time per month at a time. You can set in your trigger points for entry with a buy stop or sell Short Stop to enter or use contingent orders if you are using options to automatically trigger you into the trade, while bracketing in a stop loss. So depending where you are financially you could potentially have a 15 minute walk month working 15 minutes a month for a great living. Now that’s really neat.

Look out for our future posts on this topic in the meantime though go check out the TNT based strategy below.


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