Moving Average Miracle Trading System and Strategy for Home Run Moves

Why Work So Hard?  Just Focus On Trading Home Run Moves with High Precision!

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Does it Get Any Better Than This for Making a Living?  (no)

Moving averages have come back in style, with a vengeance. Why is that? It’s because of the average means of the influx of mass activity in the markets including all sorts of Robotics and such that all even out to a natural mathematical mean the marketplace simply just cannot help gravitate back towards universal numbers that the moving average captures.

Indeed this is very powerful stuff. We take advantage of this. And it’s the return of a little guy.

Now if you can focus enough and put down your distraction to hone in and target heavy-duty you could make absolute fortunes and grow your account to massive levels.

Now there’s nothing wrong with day trading if you do it right. But most people have gotten into day trade shorter and shorter time frames for the wrong reasons chasing excitement and they’re not chasing profits. They’re looking to satisfy their addiction the ‘bells and whistles syndrome’ caused by modern technological developments and mindsets.

Additionally in the day-trading realm it is hyper competitive because of all sorts of robotic Trading. There are lot of herk and jerk moves that make day trading difficult to trade for most, depending on the time frame of bars one is trading and also depending on the style and approach you are taking in your day training but that’s another story.

But if you want to start advancing an account you need to hit some home runs. You need to have great risk to reward shows where as your reward outweighs your risk on each trade by a good amount. You need to have a half decent winning percentage.

Actually you don’t even need a great winning percentage when your risk to reward ratios are really good. If you want to find out more on that simply study the turtle Traders, the actual Turtle Traders and not some guy writing a book about the Turtle Traders.

Not this song the concept of moving average seems overly simplistic.
But do not be fooled. I simply timing a well-optimized setting on a moving average you can put yourself at a significant probability for very large profits. And that’s what this Moving Average Miracle Trading System for Home Run Moves system does.

Moving Average Miracle Trading System for Home Run Moves gives you:

  • Very large risk-to-reward ratio
  • An exact entry point
  • An exact stop-loss point for profit-taking
  • A clear method for hitting home runs
  • A clear method for stacking homerun so one can grow a trading account
  1. This can be used with stocks
  2. This can be used with options for huge gains leveraging long options with big moves on the stock
  3. This can be used on Forex
  4. This can be used on futures



Check out some performance samples below. Maybe you could have something very similar one day too…

AAPL Some results:

+28, -3.5, +18, +19, +12   These are the types of moves, trade setups that you can “sink your teeth into” with some aggressive positions.


GS sample results

+18, +15, +38, +13




AMZN Results

+265, +64, -16, +165