Sometimes You Just Need a Little Help Getting Started…

There are different strokes for different folks as the saying goes… And that certainly applies to Trading. Different people have different ways of looking at the markets and they have different aspirations.

Some Traders went to figure it out all on their own. That’s fine but that just tends to take a couple of decades or more.

Other Trader just went to get the job done and want to start profiting.  We can help you with that.

Other Traders think they want to make money but they’re more into the markets for either the adventure of the markets or to appreciate the mystery of market price action such as one appreciates fine art movies. And that’s fine too. You can do whatever you want. Just because you were in the markets doesn’t mean you need to make seven, 8, or 9 figures.

Just because you were in the markets doesn’t mean you need to make profit.  That said, we think that it’s a better idea to make profit while you are in the markets exploring whatever other interests that you have.

If you want to maximize the excitement of the markets then there are certain approaches that you would want to take in order to achieve that excitement. But those approaches at the very smart, very strategic and very well followed.

If you’re into churning out large streams of cash flow then for sure, systems trading would be your approach particularly with shorter-term price bars as with micro swing trading were daytrading.

And it is not all just about money. We can help you with that too since we have hundreds of different creative trading systems, strategies and courses…

That said a lot of Traders are stuck in between and they’re not sure why they are in the markets. Usually those Traders are in the markets because it sounded exciting, where it was the cool thing to do at the time.

What’s important is to gain clarity on why you are in the markets and if you don’t like the reason why you are in the markets then you can simply change your attitude about the markets.

But if you are in the markets indeed for making money then understand that part of dealing with the market means it is important for you to become  very businesslike. That means you are willing to do the cold and boring things that get the job done. If you want to make money you need to do what it takes to make money.

Really enjoying the markets, “feeling good about your trades”   is a concept that is most of the time on the opposite spectrum of emotional experience in the markets.

Rarely does one feel good about entering at the right time and profitable Trading. Why is that? You were going counter to your emotions.

Don’t you understand that emotional Traders lose 99.8? The exception to this was when the emotional trader took over the market back in 1999 for a brief period of ” irrational exuberance” and the little guy dominated over the big Institution. Of course shortly thereafter the big institution used the legal system to push out the little guy in part when they instituted their ” pattern day trader rule” for the “safety” of retail traders hence require little guy to pony up $25,000 bucks in order to trade actively therefore making it much more difficult for the small guy to build up a small account into something larger. Shortly after that rule was instituted one could argue that the little guy, the emotional trader no longer had control the marketplace and the marketplace resume back to its traditional method of price action.  But that topic could be debated and will make this article too long…

So in order to succeed in the marketplace you cannot trade by feeling at all. Trading by feeling is a very negative experience because the feelings you would have to trade by are not positive. So therefore trading needs to be brought to the cerebral realm through specific price action strategies and or systems.

Fortunately for you we have many many strategies and systems that can help you get started and get started quickly and trading. Are strategies and systems can help you increase your probability of winning dramatically. For the small investment required not only could potential large profits be made but a lot of money could be saved from ” winging it” in the markets.

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