Discover the concept of the “Super Strategy Trader”.

What is a “Super Strategy Trader”? Is that a Trader who trades a really good strategy?

Well yes and no. Trader who trades many very good strategies at the same time whereas they have memorized and I’ve gotten really good at these strategies so they can use them on,nd as the opportunity presents itself.

This method of trading has produced phenomenal traders that are broken every sort of record we’ve ever seen from the Market Wizards success stories by Jack Schwager on up. And the Super Strategy Trader method has now become arguably the greatest way to trade there is. But it will take some mastery. That said you want and need mastery.

Remember that once you catch the trading bug it never leaves. The only way out is to learn how to become a good Trader. Otherwise you’re going to dabble back into the markets and lose again. Losing is not an option anymore.

So what Super Strategy Traders do is they essentially become a master performer kind of like a musician or athlete or even the famed ninjas (the real kind). An excellent athlete for example, basketball, would learn several moves and get those moves down so well that they don’t even need to think about them in real time. In fact they have those moves down so well that they “own” them. Those moves become subconscious. And they don’t even play with your conscious mind, at least when they are in the zone.

The same concept can be transferred over into trading the markets. Your moves would be considered strategies. What kind of strategy are we talking about? These would-be price action strategies where you are reading a price chart and reacting to different price chart setups. As price action goes through its various cycles different types of opportunities arise. Instead of having one strategy that only Waits on one type of opportunity you could be a master of 10 strategies and have the ability to play the markets as Paganini used to play the violin.

Below we have assembled a barrage of most excellent price action strategies that we have develop from our own unique approaches. All of our strategies and systems take creative approaches in response to almost 20 years of looking at a price chart just about every day.

The object here would be for you to get a strategy and master it. Look to teach you the approach to mastery.

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