TNT III High Velocity Big Move Options Trading Strategy provides a great way and laid-back or positioning to capture very large moves with options using monthly bars.

Watch Video for Explanation:

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This strategy could become a great as a net worth building plan. YES net worth building with options! See here we take a longer-term approach and that we are trading monthly bars. Yes I said monthly bars. There are very unique and powerful opportunities on monthly bars that we have discovered.  One such powerful and precise opportunity we have instilled into a strategy we now call TNT III High Velocity Big Move Options Trading Strategy.

The great thing is that you can take advantage of these opportunities while focusing on your other Trading. Since the monthly bar time frame for trading mechanics is spread out a bit meaning that you don’t have to mind the position except for taking this method becomes a very laid-back.

And what’s extra great about it is that it has some really great accuracy. When she get the course you can see as we go through trade by trade, we couldn’t even find a losing trade.

We also use a new strategic approach to Money Management. We use a technique that we picked up from binary options systems development and haven’t used it in the strategy. So this helps us have a very well defined any very low maintenance management efforts required. This is helpful psychologically in that we have to worry less about the trade. This method is also important trading wives and that gives us to focus on her entries better and focus on our risk allocation better. It’s a great new discovery. We will teach you this in this course.

So what is this TNT III High Velocity Big Move Options Trading Strategy?

This is a home study course that teaches you the secret sauce of this trading strategy. You can use the strategy as a system as well so it is a strategy and a system. What is a system? Is a strategy repeated over and over without picking and choosing meaning that you take all the trades that show up for that particular price action strategy.

But the great thing is that we were able to also capture some very huge moves. Now different stocks put in different types of price moves as you know of course. And the move is relative to the stock which is relative to the options pricing.

What we love to do is find a sweet spot where options can give us a great percentage return with the bread and butter type of high velocity move from the stock.

Remember we are using monthly bars. It’s a really Nifty strategy. While  most people are trying to get shorter and shorter term in their trading. – why not go the opposite direction! The herd does not make money. One who thinks opposite the herd can usually find the large opportunities.

Once you find a strategy such as this working for you the next logical thought would be – put more money into it! That said when we have a new system or strategy we always want to start with a very small position even one contract. We want to get used to it and build our confidence in it. It keeps working over and over for us on a net basis we simply use our noggin and invest more into it bringing our position sizes up to fit the method, in an optimized best position sizing way.