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Very cool new signal service.  Put the money where the mouth is signals.  Time to get started investing into powerful price action scenarios for repeatable very large returns, over and over and specifically.  

Start small.  Follow.  Build confidence.  Then learn how to crush it out of the park with our AUTHORITY Investing Trading Signals Service.






What’s a Power Trend?  It’s a hard directional 2 to 4 week trend, usually a 4 week trend.  These are strong movements and they work awesomely with options, stocks of course too. But a sweet spot power trend riding options


  1. Light -One a time.   Best for beginners or stock traders.
  2. PRO –  Full blown system for options where you do the “hyper compounding” stacking the trades still with the same position size but there are more trades, each has it’s own entry, stop loss and profit taking mechanism story.