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Trend Trading for a Living

Arguably One of the Best Ways with the Most Chance for Success to Trade for a Living is to Trend trade

Why do we say that?

Trend trading puts you in a non competitive time frame.  Active trading is highly competitive.

Wait a minute.  Competitive? Who am I competing with”  you may wonder.

You are competing with huge money institutions and a vast swath of traders who are continually drawn to shorter and shorter time frames, looking for further and further instant gratification.   The true competition comes down into play on the mental side, where if you watch, listen to the markets too closely they talk to you through price action.  Price action on a price chart is like a language of it’s own, similar to music notation on a page.  And the marketplace is always trying to tell you something;  that something is exactly when to get in and out at the wrong time!

By looking to home run trade or  trend trade you put yourself in position for a lot of advantages:

  1. you put yourself in a MUCH better risk to reward position.
  2. You give yourself time to anticipate, hone into the best of the best and biggest moves
  3. Your positions can be compounded greatly
  4. With leverage instruments such as options and Forex the growth of your account could come along a lot faster vs. if you traded frequently