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What’s a Great System to Play the Market Crash?

What’s a Great System to Play the Market Crash?  System Pick 1  Jack be nimble Jack be quick Jack you better mind your candlesticks!


Options Weekly Paycheck Weekly Options System, STRIKER, Is a C.O.D. Type of System that Shows How to Pin Point a High Probability Trend Burst with a High Probability Accuracy Entry STRIKE Point

Translation: STRIKER like a “sniper style” but with frequent on going high probability trade setups with up to 88% winning as you see in SPY below – Gives You a Great Trading Set Up to Strike AGGRESSIVELY and Potentially Score Some Serious Cash Wins with High Delta Low Premium Weekly Options (or longer term options is you like).

Market crash market crash market crash..  You’ve heard Market crashes advertised all over time and it’s usually a sign that the markets are going to go the other way. But this time it just may be a little different and you don’t want to miss out!

We certainly use that as a contrarian indicator. But..

In this case since we are replacing an old financial system which must be destroyed with the new financial system then brought in ALL AT THE SAME TIME and since we are going into a completely different age in terms of cosmic cycles,  this time  we may get the market crashes of Market crashes.

But the question is, how to play  this mega market crash?

Well it seems logical that we need to be very Nimble and Quick. Because what happens if it gets so bad that the whole system just shuts down?  Can we even get out of our positions?

Micro swing trading and day trading seems like the way to go.

Another question is:  Should we play the whole market using QQQ and SPY or maybe it’s better to pick a couple stocks.   

Also it seems smarter to play options  because we are playing and instruments on top of the instrument and not the actual instrument.

Also this is not any sort of investment to the down side nor is it some long-term  hold.  We have to be aggressive in an aggressive out.   So today’s approach is MICRO SWING TRADING.  Here are some other powerful systems of ours that will allow you to go INSIDE PRICE and scoop out profits, heavy, hard and fast profits, if there is a market crash.   But remember, don’t dilly dally.  Take the money and run in case they completely shut down the markets.


Options Weekly Paychecks System W


Introducing Options Weekly Paychecks System W

With OWP System W we catch intraweek swings as they develop with a method that can rank up a lot of profit points relatively quickly.
This system was designed to enhance the profitability of Options Weekly Paychecks System B V2.0 to extreme levels in combination.

We’ve also extended the micro time frame into 120 minute bars while opening up a whole new world of profit opportunity. Check out the systems results on the presentation page.

This is a great system to put to work! See the results.

Options Weekly Paychecks System X


OWP System X is a pure price action system that gives you the potential to rack up extraordinary amounts of profit points on the “Macro Micro Swing” level – as you can see from the presentation page.

Check out the incredible numbers of profit points the OWP System X was able to generate in just 4 months. But why this system vs. the others? Like I said: It’s a new pure price action method. And some people love that. We do too!
It uses 120 min bars for a more strategic less management trading process vs. micro swing trading.

System X provides continuous never ending trading opportunity. Yummy! Profit opportunity after profit opportunity to “munch” on to keep you “well fed”, for those of you who like to make lots and lots of profits, you wild and crazy types.

Munchies aside, actually the amount of profit points from the system’s results such as 133.5 from Apple Computers in JUST 4 MONTHS is INSANELY Profitable. That’s $133k on just 10 contracts in 4 months.
Plus the system has the ability to net out incredible amounts of profit points. So what are you waiting for?

Find out more and put System X to work for you before we take it and hide it somewhere!

More Info



Options Weekly Paychecks System T


With OWP System T we were looking at developing a system that could squeeze the markets every week to produce out a net profit paycheck, like EVERY single week, like, a dependable paycheck! That was the goal and we found the solution!

In a sense, of course all of our Options Weekly Paycheck are designed for weekly paychecks but this system pushes the issue further where as others depend more on an average weekly paycheck taking advantage of intraweek trend and swing opportunities as they arise. But with OWP System T we “force” the issue of getting that weekly paycheck!

Check it out! You’re going to like this system!

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