Why Work So Hard? Why Not Swing Trade or Trend Trade Instead?

Have you ever heard of the “1 Hour Workweek”?  Well, although I bet the phrase has been used before, I just made it up.  How about “the One Hour Work Month” ?  Just made that one up too.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about systematic swing trading or trend trading for a potential very good compounding living.

But who has the smarts or patience these days to stick to one thing in a simple way without getting distracted by some sparkely overly exciting thing?   Oh no checking Facebook, Twitter, news, cellphones 100 times a day is much more important, it’s just so importantant, yes it’s important, like super important, high level urgency important – I mean what if I miss a post from a friend on Facebook right?

Right… Stick with modern technology SCAM and  you’ll go no where fast, become and stay broke…

Stick with “ancient wisdom”:  slow down and simply do simple things that count.

And on that note, from my perspective since I know what’s in these systems:  Not running these systems of ours is like tossing money in a lit fireplace.  Year by year goes by and so does the massive compounding… maybe it’s time to put away all the high tech low value, emotional druggie distractions and start to put a good trading system to work…


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